Postal Staff College Islamabad Pakistan

Pakistan Post invests heavily in the professional development of its managers and executives. Training becomes a regular feature in the professional career of an officer.

Postal executives are required to undertake both skill-based and knowledge-based training. The skill based training focuses on short-term goals and helps an officer acquire certain tangible tools that could be employed effectively in day to day working environment. The knowledge-based training on the other hand concentrates on the long-term organizational goals and enhances intellectual and analytical capability of its officers and sharpen their managerial and leadership ability.


We maintain meticulous details about our local participants. This is poised to emerge as data base providing valuable information to build training profile of an officer.

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Course on Postal Life Insurance PDF Format
Post Bank Course PDF Format
Financial Management Course PDF Format
Postal Marketing Course PDF Format
Human Resources & Development Course PDF Format
Information Technology Course PDF Format
International Postal Services Accounting Course PDF Format
Quality of Services I.S.O & T.Q.M Course PDF Format
Course Cad Cam PDF Format
Customer Care Course PDF Format
MST, Course PDF Format
Collection & Development of Statistics Course PDF Format
Mail Routing & Delivery Course PDF Format
Course on Seminars PDF Format
Workshops on International Accounting PDF Format
Banking & Insurance Course PDF Format
Course on Express Post Circle PDF Format
Course on Agency Service PDF Format
Course on Postal Investigation & Security PDF Format
Course on Modern Management PDF Format
Course on Instructor Training PDF Format
Course on Basic Postal Management PDF Format
Course on Middle Management PDF Format
Senior Management Level Course PDF Format
Understanding & Managing Customer Perception Relationship Course PDF Format
Course on Saving Bank PDF Format
Postal Management & Ips Course PDF Format
Marketing Challenges for Pak. Post PDF Format
Budgeting & Financial Management Course PDF Format
Course on Post Office Costing Studies & Rate Fixing PDF Format
Commercialization of Accounts For Aos & Sr. Accountant PDF Format
Course on International Mails PDF Format
Modern Management & Techniques Part-I PDF Format
Modern Management & Techniques Part-II PDF Format
Special Mail Services Course Competition with Couriers PDF Format
Training for Trainers PDF Format